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    IT Solutions
    We offer clients business-ready enterprise and mobile solutions, software development and staff augmentation services, professional services, as well as turnkey project execution.
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    Cyber Security Solutions
    We offer our customers cyber security solutions and services aimed at protecting your enterprise and personal information.
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    Operations Consulting
    We provide our clients with operations consulting and business process re-engineering services to help them improve operational efficiency and their bottom line.
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber security is critical to the success and survival of your organization.

Cyber security is essential to protect the interests of those in your organization who rely on IT information and the systems and communications that deliver it. Information security is an important element of the corporate governance framework to provide a strategic direction for security activities and ensures that these activities are achieved. In essence, information security is more than just a technology issue; it is a management issue as well.

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Operations Consulting Services

Focusing on the financial, healthcare, and education sectors

We offer a wide range of operations consulting services focused on the financial, healthcare, and education sectors. With an extensive background in banking, education, and healthcare, and several successful projects in our portfolio, our consultants are available to provide valuable advice and ready to contribute to your success.

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Operations Consulting Services

Information Technology

We offer customers business-ready enterprise information technology solutions, software design and development services, and IT evaluation and optimization services.


Before we recommend an IT solution for you, we ensure that we understand your business and the challenges facing you. More...


We provide our customers with software design and development services by employing solid and proven software engineering methodologies. More...


We offer software engineering services to our clients who wish to outsource their product development to Universant. More...


We give you the most flexibility to deploy your chosen solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or even in your own private cloud that we operate and manage for you. More...


Maintaining your IT solutions is always a challenge. Let us handle those tasks for you. More...


We assess your information technology vulnerabilities, perform penetration and social engineering tests, conduct secure code reviews as well as system and network architecture reviews. More...


We help you train your staff and raise their awareness level. More...


We help you protect and defend your enterprise networks to ensure your continued operations. More...


We help you obtain and retain a compliant status so that you may operate your enterprise profitably and efficiently. More...


We assess the threats and take appropriate action with our clients who may be targets of those threats. More...

Information Security

Information security in general and cyber security in particular are essential to protect the interests of those in your organization who rely on IT information and the systems and communications that deliver it.

Operations Consulting

Technology is no longer an afterthought in forming business strategy but rather the cause and driver.


We help you diagnose organizational issues that may be affecting your organization. More...


After we complete our diagnosis, we identify process issues and enterprise problems and prioritize them based on their criticality to your organizational success. More...


We advise our clients on business process redesign to implement sound business strategies.  More...


We implement corrective actions and enterprise-wide plans to ensure the successful rollout of the newly re-organized processes. More...


We will monitor your organizational performance and recommend operational improvements. We will help you measure and monitor every aspect of your business. More...